Visual Perception Tips from Jaime Spencer an Occupational Therapist

Today’s tip comes from Jaime Spencer from Miss Jaime, O.T. is a pediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in the fine motor and handwriting skills of preschool and elementary school children. In this interview, Jaime shares her knowledge with listeners along with information on her free Webinars. Be sure to follow Miss Jaime on Facebook LiveContinue reading “Visual Perception Tips from Jaime Spencer an Occupational Therapist”

What is a Strategy?

To win at anything worthwhile you need a strategy. A strategy is an action plan involving a series of maneuvers for obtaining specific results. A good strategy consists of three elements: analysis, formulation and implementation. Forbes contributor, Sheryl Lyons turns managers into leaders by helping them understand what strategic planning is and how strategic planningContinue reading “What is a Strategy?”

When Given the “Hard Class”

Today’s tip comes from a guest blogger from a popular Facebook Group Teaching in Texas. Audine is a second-grade teacher. Our interview began as she described how she’s gone above and beyond to build relationships in the beginning of the year. “I am a firm believer in supporting the student and their family as aContinue reading “When Given the “Hard Class””

Reasons to Use Social Media

Today’s tip is to begin using social media. I know many of my readers are thinking there’s a lot of potential harm of using social media as a teacher. However, I challenge you to think about the 50 percent or more of teenagers admit to being online on a near-constant basis.  Let’s meet our studentsContinue reading “Reasons to Use Social Media”

Bullet Journals & Trackers

Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journalist was diagnosed with ADD and this helped shape the concept for this unique system. It became evident early on in his life that he had challenges that other classmates didn’t have. He found himself in a situation where he had a condition and there weren’t a lotContinue reading “Bullet Journals & Trackers”

Accomplishment Stories & Project-Based Learning

Closure is the step where you wrap up a lesson plan and help students organize the information in a meaningful way. This helps students better understand the concepts and provides a way in which they can apply it to the real-world. Once the students have made appropriate connections to the material, have them demonstrate howContinue reading “Accomplishment Stories & Project-Based Learning”