20 Amazing Fundraising Ideas for Any Organization

Today’s tip comes from my guest blogger, Christian Filigrana. Christian is the owner of AIM Fundraising located in Houston, Texas. AIM Fundraising provides full service fundraising programs that allow any group or organization to raise funds. After our interview, I was able to compile this top 20 list of fundraising ideas for any organization.

1. Choose a full-service fundraising program

Look for a platform that allows teachers to easily start and run a fundraiser sale for their students.

2. Choose an online format

Some programs will have a catalog and online fundraiser that allows students to raise funds locally through catalog face to face selling. Online has been a huge boost to fundraising programs and we are updating year to year. Has evolved from a way of paying for the order on the order form, to full on e-commerce style platform.

3. Build a connection

4. Use visuals in your campaign

5. Use social media sharing links

This can be done with some fundraising platforms. Ask if there is are easy sharing icons for Email, Social Media, Text and Messenger. If so, students can share through the platform and friends and family anywhere in the US will click on the link and shop online for items that will support the sale.

6. Create a Facebook page

7. Create a Twitter Account

8. Keep it local

9. Let students register themselves

10. Avoid high shipping cost

If you allow for direct to customer shipping, parents are not worried about having to go pick up the items at the school. That helps more parents want to help the student sell, as most are very busy to pick up orders, and distribute.

11. Choose a program offering free promotional materials

Ask if there is an additional charge for catalogs, printed letters, posters or yard signs.

12. Compare companies

Fundraising in a city like Houston is ever evolving. When comparing companies, ask about different styles of fundraisers. They must stay up to date with what we provide in terms of programs, items and services. For us it has grown that 70% of orders are being paid for through our platform – industry average is about 30% with most other competitors

13. Educate students, parents and admin

14. Accept all forms of payment

We understand now, that most people don’t carry cash or checks. Make sure your program has a platform in place to easily accept cards, cash, paypal etc as forms of payments.

15. Encourage parents to bring a catalog to work

16. Add information and links to the virtual announcements

17. Contact the school PTO

18. Choose a program with no up-front cost

AIM Fundraising requires no upfront costs for in hand products like chocolates. “We provide groups with the items they need to fundraiser and bill them 30 days after delivery, which allows them to sell and pay back at a later date We are also flexible and understand things occur, and are able to provide longer time to payment.”

Once the sale is done, we process all the orders free of charge, pack and delivery is included with our programs.

We don’t accept the payment until client is satisfied with all services rendered.

19. Schedule a check-in with students and parents

20. Be available to answer questions

If you are interested in a free info kit, visit his website online at http://www.aimfundraising.com. Thank you Christian for helping new teachers and new home schooling organizations gain expert advice and resources. I just recently become a high school Robotics and Intro to Engineering teacher.  I recently attended a training with teachers across the country and may teachers are concerned about their 20-21 school activity budget. 

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