Reasons to Use Social Media

50 percent or more of teenagers admitting to being online on a near-constant basis.  Let’s meet our students where they are. 

Today’s tip is to begin using social media. I know many of my readers are thinking there’s a lot of potential harm of using social media as a teacher. However, I challenge you to think about the 50 percent or more of teenagers admit to being online on a near-constant basis.  Let’s meet our students where they are.  Today, I hope to inspire a new approach to social media and digital learning. Beginning with a few reasons to use social media, followed by my suggestions on who to follow and lastly how to create your own social media channels.

You can find existing book discussions by searching #readinginsocialstudies or #readinginmath is another good one.  Social media such as twitter can be used as a platform for discussions and ongoing discussions. For example check out “Twitter for Teachers” and see how some school districts are using Twitter for professional development. In a way, Twitter is a huge professional learning network. In this article it shows the days and times of the organized chat discussions on various subjects and grade levels. Some of the chats I wanted to begin following are #PLN, #readaloud, #comment for kids (use this if you want other teachers to comment on your student’s work) and #flipclassroom.

I am new to twitter, I just recently opened up my first account.  Previously, I was a yearbook and news broadcast teacher, so I enjoy taking pictures.  When I begin teaching robotics and into to engineering, I plan to post what we are doing in class to promote our program.  I also want to keep the parents informed on project we are working on.   For group projects, I will assign a student in each group as a document specialist, they are responsible for taking pictures at every step, this is writing, photos and videos. I plan to tweet examples of student’s doing exceptional work. 

When I’m requesting an industry professional to come be a guest speaker, I want them to be able to go to our tweeter feed and see the excitement of my students and the things they are working on. I hope they will love what they see and remain connected as we build the program we need community involvement.

I have used Youtube to flip my classroom.  Meaning my students would watch a short video of me giving the instruction first.  This gives you more time helping students when they need you the most, and it frees up your time and energy as a teacher. This can absolute be done by home school parents as well. If your child interrupts you often when you are teaching, this maybe a solution for some lessons. You will find when you offer instruction via a video, you are more likely to be mindful of what you are teaching and if you have the ability, you can edit it.  Once you get the hang of it, you can get them recorded pretty quickly.

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