Is this worth my time and energy?

As humans, we are always going somewhere. We live in a fast-pace world. Although, I don’t believe in wasting time in life, sometimes I feel unaccomplished at the end of the day. I can easily get caught up in a never-ending cycle of some sort. I’m always starting something new. All the while, finishing something I’ve already started and if I am being honest… I’m already anticipating what’s next on my list. 

I have a sick work ethic and genuinely enjoy “work”. So, how can I explain the less desirable feeling I get sometimes? It’s like driving 30 minutes to the outlet mall, fighting traffic, looking for the perfect parking spot to only walk in and have no idea why you are there. “What was the reason I did all this again?” I have felt this often enough in my life, that I recognize it as a misalignment in my values. I can describe it best as a gentle nudge or feeling in my gut. I know this is important for me to label and clearly identify as early in the cycle as possible, because if I don’t the feeling will intensify over time.

I strive to get clarity often by asking simple questions. Beginning with the one I mentioned above: “What was the reason I did all this again?” Another clarifying question is “What is the value in this?” These help me define my core values and get clear on the actual intention for my actions.  

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Hi there and welcome! I’m Jennifer Fenn – Project Lead the Way and Robotics Teacher. I’m also a freelance curriculum developer and technical writer, educational blogger and founder of We Love Teachers Podcast.

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